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Things You Must Know About the Bair Hugger System

If you are not yet very familiar with the Bair Hugger therapy, you must know that this is a temperature management system that makes use of forced warm air to prevent as well as treat hypothermia for the patients who have gone through surgery. You should know that the system would include Bair Hugger therapy and comes with the 241 fluid warming system. Warming units and also disposable blankets are being used in the therapy which distribute warm air across the patients prior or after surgery. There are 19 blanket models which also have seven pediatric models as well as three sterile blanket designs that can guarantee the patient of normothermia.

Every Bair Hugger blanket comes with that soft, non-woven materials that is comfortable on the skin of the patient and each is designed to distribute the warm air effectively as well as efficiently across the patient’s body. The warming units of Bair Hugger therapy are made to deliver air that is temperature-controlled to the patient through using the blanket. Each warming unit is going to filter air to 0.2 microns and has four temperature settings. You should also know that the warming units can be mounted on the bed rail or pole which may be placed on the floor. The Bair Hugger warming units are created in a way to offer integrated fluid warming with the use of the 241 fluid warming system.

It is important to choose the right and the best warming method. You should understand that keeping the patients warm all through the perioperative process is very important to provide optimal clinical care as well as patient comfort. Meta-analysis of 18 published studies have shown such maintaining normothermia in surgeries which are of the general types that can help in improving the patient outcomes as well as minimize the cost. In just a simple step, you will be able to make a huge difference.

When it comes to choosing the warming method, this will have to depend on the kind and the length of surgery since not all of the warming modalities out there are actually effective when it comes to warming the patients through the whole perioperative process. In evaluating the forced-air warming system, it is very important that you evaluate the clinical research available and consider the product-specific features like providing consistent patient warming. Also, there must be an ensured optimized airflow via those air channels and also providing useful features such as tie strips, head drapes or the drainage holes to manage fluids. These things can surely help streamline the clinicians’ surgical experience.

With the safety of the Bair Hugger System, this has been proven to be effective and safe. Such has been around for 28 years and this is actually the most used and the most studied method form warming the surgical patients in the country.

Source: How Bair Hugger works