What to Look for in Testimonials When Searching for the Best Dentist

When looking for a new dentist – whether you haven’t been to one in a while, you just moved into town, or you’re dissatisfied with your current dentist – testimonials are the next best thing to asking your friends and family for recommendations. While it’s true that most dentists will include only the most positive messages in their testimonials, there are some things you can look for to unearth the best dentist among them all.

Multiple Sources

Visit the website of Cleveland Smiles and you’ll see plenty of happy testimonials – but you’ll notice not only are there testimonials on the site, but there are also some on Angie’s List. Third party testimonial sites are the most likely to have real, honest opinions not curated by the dentist himself. If a dentist has overwhelmingly positive reviews across multiple sources, you know they’re genuine. Look for overall grades as well as grades awarded to specific aspects of the service such as bedside manner and punctuality.

Discussing What the Dentist Did

Some testimonials just say something to the effect, “Dr. Smith is great!” The more details the testimonial goes into, the more informative it is. How does the dentist handle situations that involve more than just cleaning and filling cavities? Did they have poor experiences at other dentists that this new dentist took care of quickly? Does the dentist work with people on a tight budget? Look for situations comparable to yours and consider how your service might improve once you make the switch.

Discussing the Dentist’s Demeanor

The best dentists aren’t just about offering fast and extensive service. They’re personable, friendly, and accommodating, too. Look for descriptions of the dentist’s demeanor in the testimonials, particularly concerning the patients who might have felt a bit nervous about the procedures beforehand. You might also take note of the wait time, both from the moment a patient called to get an appointment to how quickly she was able to be seen and from the time the patient entered the waiting room to the moment he was able to meet with the dentist.

Schedule your appointment with a new dentist today. Testimonials are just one tool you have to find the most suitable dentist to meet your needs. Browse information about the available procedures on a dentist’s website to learn more about how the right dentist can not only help keep your teeth clean and healthy, but can also totally transform your smile.