What to Do to Lose Weight When You’re Tired of Fad Diets

There’s always something that claims to be the next great way to lose weight, whether it’s cutting out carbs, watching out for gluten, or even drinking terrible-tasting vegetable blend concoctions. Then there’s the tried-and-true advice from doctors, that you “simply” need to eat less (and better) and exercise more. However, none of this is easy – and those fad diets simply don’t work in the long term. Fortunately, there’s something that does.

Consult with a Specialist

The best Houston weight loss surgery specialists help countless patients finally break away from the “fad diet” yo-yo experience. Through procedures such as the LAP-BAND, gastric bypass, and gastric sleeve, patients are finally able to gain control over their hunger so they don’t even want to eat more than they need to. As the pounds melt away, they gain better mobility, which allows them to exercise more effectively, finally making it possible to achieve weight loss with a healthy diet and exercise – which is far more reliable than any fad diet.

Focus on Portions

To an extent, portion size is the most important aspect of any diet. While a well-balanced diet is important for you to get the nutrition you need and to feel more energetic, denying yourself your favorite foods entirely leads to temptation and a general feeling of dissatisfaction with your efforts to better yourself. Following a dietician’s recommendation and allowing your favorite foods in small, occasional portions is key. While the foods you can eat become more limited while relying on weight loss surgery, you and your doctor can work out a plan that allows for some indulgence.

Exercise When You Can

You’re busy and maybe you don’t find exercise that enjoyable. However, regular physical activity is a must for not only losing weight, but also for living a healthier life in general. Work exercise into your day wherever and however you can. Go for a short walk at lunch. Walk in place in front of the TV instead of lounging on the couch. Lift small weights while cooking dinner. Start small and work yourself up to bigger exercise habits.

Talk to a specialist about what kind of weight loss procedure would work best in your case. If diet is making only slow improvements and exercise is difficult due to the amount of weight you carry, your best possible option for weight loss is likely to be surgery. There are both permanent and temporary measures that can be put into place to help you lose weight and keep it off – which is often the hardest thing to do.