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Vision Therapy Exercises Exercise for vision therapy work. You can have only a few minutes of these exercises daily to improve. In flexing your eye muscles and training them, correct visual habits are developed and you will be able to notice the improvements in just a matter of week’s time. A lot of people think that their vision or eyesight is due to the shape or form of the eye or even the shape of their eye lenses. But according to studies, this is just misconception. How well we can see are determined by two very significant factors which are the eye of the lens and the shape of the eye as they both deliver vital information to the brain. In this case the image is seen and interpreted by the brain and not the eye. We can even say or that our vision is better on some certain days.
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Vision is greatly affected also by the stress you are experiencing. Hundreds of tiny eye movements that you make every fraction of a second are interrupted because of this stresses. You may not be aware of it because you cannot control it.
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Clear vision happens only with the right speed and coordination of the tiny eye movements as proven by scientific studies. As a result of stress, you will not be able to achieve a clearer vision. Interpretation by the brain to read the images is affected due to the connection of the min to the eye because of stress. Deterioration of the eyesight is not only due to stress. Our poor eye habits are also a factor why our eyesight is poor. Because of this poor eye habits, we may gradually lose our coordination in these tiny eye movements. There are temporary remedies like wearing eyeglasses. This is just temporary as you are more dependent now in the eyeglasses and contact lenses. Your eyes will never develop as you depend more on the eyeglasses and contact lenses. Vision therapy can help by addressing the underlying problem. Exercises like switching and swinging plus the relaxation techniques can enhance the ability of the eyes to develop a more coordinated movements for a clearer vision. There are several ways in the procedure of the vision therapy exercise and one of them is relaxation. An improvement program for a natural vision requires that you must be relaxed and palming is one of them. The main goal for this vision therapy exercise is to have good eye habits to help improve your eyesight at the same time taking care of your eyes.