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Stem Cell Treatment for Lung Diseases Stem cell therapy is considered a new medical therapy avenue. Many have spoken out against stem cell therapy in the past. Because many of spoken out against it, it is not a treatment always available. When people learn what stem cell therapy actually is, they are often more accepting. Stem cell treatments has proven very important in the field of curing and treating various lung diseases. Stem cell therapy has been reported in a negative light in prior times because it was once believed that stem cells needed to come from embryos. However, that is not the case. There can be stem cells still in the placenta after a healthy delivery. There are umbilical cord stem cells that many have chosen to save after the birth of their babies. The use of stem cell therapy has grown now that many people realize that there are less controversial ways of stem cell treatment. While some countries still have bans on stem cell therapy and research, their number is diminishing as education grows. Various lung diseases can be healed or even cured by stem cell therapy, including lung cancer. Stem cell therapy is very similar across the board. The doctor begins by injecting stem cells into the affected tissues within the patient’s body. Stem cells have the ability to change into the cells in various body tissue, and these stem cells begin to become lung tissue. Stem cells then begin division into new tissue growth. These cells multiply and create quickly, producing healthy tissue and healthy blood cells. This process cures the disease because the new healthy cells replace the old cells.
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Stem cell therapy at this time can help restore bronchi function to the lungs. In the future, doctors and surgeons hope to be able to grow complete lungs to replace damaged ones. This way, people would no longer have to go through painful transplant surgeries, completely revolutionizing the medical community. In trials thus far, treatment has been highly successful, and there are high hopes that this will one day be the standard treatment for many. As the tissues grow and change, patients should take good care of themselves for the best results and success rates.
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Doctors make sure that the stem cell injections are compatible with the body of the patient. These injections area also typically added in with some type of medication for the patient before they are injected into the tissue. Vitamins and dietary supplements are often given to the patient post treatment. Creating a healthy body environment helps stem cell treatment be more successful. It is also important that patients do not put toxic chemicals into their body during the process. It is important for success that patients follow all the directions of their medical professional. Stem cell therapy is an excellent choice for many when it comes to treatment of lung disease.