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How Plastic Surgery and Dermatology Become Practical Plastic surgery has been practiced for decades now even during ancient times. Experts in ancient plastic surgeries use traditional methods in reconstructing body features especially the skin and the face which include the use of skin grafts which originated in old India hundreds of years ago. The reconstruction of nose has already been practiced by a dermatologist long ago. The doctor is said to have used a part of some skin on the face other than the nose for the use of its reconstruction. Years later, a foreign group have tried to perform procedures of plastic surgery by restoring ears that are damaged. The procedure also included the removal of a portion of the skin from a body part that was used for the repair.
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Plastic surgery only became common and popular during the new millennium which mostly happened because of the modernization of technology. You will no longer have to worry about your health because the entire procedures of modern plastic surgery has become very safe.
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A good health is also one of the benefits of getting a plastic surgery. A plastic surgery called the cleft palate operation is a very common procedure used by many doctors to restore damaged lips and palates. This is a complex procedure which only professional doctors could handle and they special tools to perform it. So many discoveries were made which made surgeries more practical and efficient to patients. This is in gratitude to the surgeons and experts who have made and developed more efficient and more effective procedures. What is Plastic Surgery? The use of instruments or tools which modifies and enhance once appearance and often performed inside a laboratory is what plastic surgery is. Plastic surgery is also defined as to create something new or to mold a physical appearance or feature. Plastic surgery comes in two main types and these include: Plastic Surgery of Reconstructing. This field of plastic surgery includes the use of specials instruments to repair or reconstruct a body part especially on the face. This is a procedure used by many doctors to repair damaged facial features such as having a cleft lip or palate. The damaged or deformed area will be attached with a removed skin from a body part of the patient to heal or repair it over time. Another form of plastic surgery is the aesthetic or cosmetic surgery which is the most popular kind of surgery today. This is most common to patients who desires to have a much more beautiful body part or facial feature to be shown to the public. This kind of plastic surgery gives you the appearance you have always wanted ever since you were a kid.