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All about Marriage Therapy and Counseling If you are a couple undergoing some sort of decision-making for separation, marriage therapy and counseling is for you to support your needs and listens to you without judgement. Self-improvement and self-awareness should be the focus of each partner in marriage therapy and counseling because the main focus is your relationship and nothing else. We believe of the importance of marriage and we want to keep the love sparking between you and your partner, so consult a Cincinnati marriage therapist and counselor now. Marriage therapy and counseling does not only provide support and guidance for those who are married or are engaged to be married but for every couple who are seeking guidance and support. Although its main objective is to keep the relationship for couples, we do incorporate family therapy especially to those who had separation or divorce to treat each member of the family. There are various reasons why a couple or partners should undergo marriage counseling and therapy. The number one reason of course is if couples are unable to understand each other due to individual differences, also affected by emotional and mental states. Illness, finance status and other unwanted life events warrant a pending distraction on your marriage or relationship. Infidelity and unsatisfied sexual life play a crucial role in deciding a divorce or separation. Being busy at work, and with the increase energy demanded at work and basic daily routines affect the relationship due to lack of time for the most important things like dating and family get together. At present, there are various approaches to marriage counseling and therapy. In Cincinnati, marriage therapist and counselor uses imagination therapy to allow partners to explore unconsciously or reflect back the important things that might benefit from working on the relationship. The Cincinnati marriage therapy and counseling also use emotion-focus therapy to encourage partners to examine or check how their method or style of communication affect their relationship and the family as a whole. Focusing on each family’s internal system provide education on individuals and partners on how to heal trauma and find balance through identifying the different parts of themselves and acknowledging that some parts may be overactive or ignored and thus taking the responsibility for their emotions or reactions.
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The main objective of marriage therapy and counseling is to recognize and resolve all conflicts and find ways to improve relationship. Through therapy and counseling, we help you make thoughtful decisions about relationship rebuilding or if you are going your separate ways. We have certified marriage therapist and counselors who are extensively trained on marriage and family orientation and management. Marriage counseling is a form of psychotherapy and thus require experts to help and support you on all of your decisions and we provide specific treatment plan depending on the situation.The Art of Mastering Counseling