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Why Should You Consider Dental Implants to Replace Missing Teeth? When you’ve one or two teeth missing, you can lose function or looks, or both, depending on the part of your dental formula that is affected. You can approach the problem in numerous ways, although dental implants in Denver are the ideal solution. Below are some of the reasons why dental implants are considered better than traditional solutions like dentures: Improvement on Quality of Life Dental implants work, feel, and appear just like natural teeth. Thanks to the implants, your speaking, eating, and smiling are just normal. Plus, care of dental implants is as easy as that of natural teeth (since implants don’t require removal. Also, dental implants can reclaim lost confidence.
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When you’ve got missing teeth, bone resorption can occur with time, leading to compromise of your jaw and facial structure. But implants help the jaw structures maintain integrity, preventing any section of the face from dropping. Conservation of the Adjacent Teeth Dental implants help guard against compromise of the adjacent teeth. The next teeth will not be damaged when you fix a missing tooth using a dental implant that’s fitted with a support bridge and crown. But methods such as dentures usually expose nearby teeth to gradual damage. Natural Appearance Nothing easily gives away your dental implants when you’re smiling or laughing. The same can’t be claimed of dentures since these are easy to detect when the gum is exposed. Implants also offer a natural feel of stability when you’re eating, sneezing, or even laughing. No matter what you’re doing with your mouth, you’ll never have to worry about dental implants dropping because they’re bonded to the bone. People who wear dentures always have to worry about possible embarrassment when the dentures drop in the middle of intense sneezing or laughing. Yet, when your dental implants are set up strongly, you become accustomed to these and nothing reminds you that they’re not natural. Eating Well and Conveniently When you have dental implants, you won’t have to refrain from eating certain types of foods. You can chew anything with the set of teeth, from fruits and vegetables to nuts and meat without any discomfort. Certain foods are hard to eat when wearing dentures, and the dentures themselves may get compromised, but that’s not an issue with dental implants. Similarly, implants allow you to enjoy any kind of meal at a restaurant or in a public place without worrying about removal, which can be humiliating in such conditions. A dental implant specialist can look at your oral health and determine what remedy is appropriate for you. Nonetheless, dental implants are typically the most appropriate long-term replacements for lost teeth.