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Neuromuscular Dentistry Can Treat TMJ

The difference between neuromuscular dentistry from traditional dentistry is that it considers the nerves and muscles while it corrects the position of the jaw. The traditional dentistry considers the teeth and joints only.

Painful conditions like temporomandibular joint disorders can be solved through neuromuscular dentistry. Besides, it offers long lasting solution and more comfort for other dental issues like smile makeovers and dentures.

Your muscles, joints, and teeth work together so that there will be proper alignment and functioning of the jaw. However, when one of these doesn’t work properly, painful conditions like TMJ and other serious problems may occur. With neuromuscular dentistry, modern technology is used to accurately know the position of the jaw.

Electomyography determines the electrical activity in the jaw muscles and the relationship of jaw and skull. The muscle tension is known when the jaw is moving or in relaxed position.

To accurately track the motions of the jaw as well as its position when at rest, computerized mandibular scan is used.

To record the sounds of the jaw when it moves, sonography is used. When there is misalignment, it produces clicks, pops, and grinding sounds.

The major effect of neuromuscular dentistry is its capability to diagnose, treat, and even prevent TMJ. TMJ is caused by misaligned jaw and it is very painful. It looks like it is not associated to any dental problems. You may experience headache that is often seen as migraine, pain in the neck, back, and shoulder, numbness in arms and fingers, facial pain, jaw pain, clicking of jaw, clenching teeth, ringing and congested ears.

The treatment of TMJ in neuromuscular dentistry Transcutaneous electrical neuromuscular stimulation (TENS) is used. This will massage and relax the muscles so that spasm and pain will be alleviated.

In a smile makeover, it works all aspects of the smile like your teeth and gum, and there should be proper jaw alignment. Neuromuscular dentistry make sure that in smile makeover, everything is complete and it provides the best dental and cosmetic benefits. If your teeth and jaw work hand in hand, it relaxes the muscles that can provide long lasting effects on your appearance. In case you have misaligned bite, this can lead to damage just like broken and chipped teeth.

To make dentures in traditional dentistry, it depends on impressions. If impression is used, it cause imperfections since it does not give proper bite alignment. With neuromuscular dentistry, it removes all the problems associated with dentures like chewing and speaking.

Neuromuscular dentistry is more modern and effective as compared to traditional dentistry. It gives treatment to TMJ which can alleviate pain. It provides more precise and long lasting results.

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