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An Overview Of The Certified Case Manager Exam When you pass the CCM exam also known as the certified case manager exam, you CCM certification will be made by the commission for case management certification. They conduct this exam 3 times a year, in the month of April, August and December. The item pool of the commission for the case management certification is where they obtain the one hundred eighty multiple-choice questions for the CCM exam. The CCMC created questions for the CCM exam that are comprehensive. Case management professionals are continually adding new questions to the questionnaire. They will give the examiners three hours to complete and finish the exam. Only 150 items are scored in the exam because the remaining 30 are only considered as pretest questions. Out of the 150 scored items in the CCM exam, approximately twenty percent of are considered as anchor items. Every administration of the CCM exam has the same content.
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The CCM exam is based according to the real task of a case manager, the CCMC develop questions from the real experiences of a case manager. The CCM exam does not require you to take a course before you can take the certified case manager exam. This means that you can take the Certified Case Management Exam even if you do not have any experience and knowledge with case management. Even if they do not require the person to have experience with case management to take the exam, they will still provide content area of the examination that they can review. The CCM exam has 5 major parts, and the 5 major parts has minor parts
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You can take the CCM exam in any of the given months. It is better to schedule your exam so you choose a date and time that is convenient for you. Your application dashboard will have all of the details of the exam, like the website of the exam, the schedule and the contact information of the company who will conduct the exam. Keep in mind that you can apply to take the exam during the application window. You can apply for the certified case manager exam five months before the first exam month, then sixty days before the first exam month they will close the application process. You can apply in the CCMC website. The cost of the application and the exam is three hundred forty five dollars. Here is the breakdown; the application fee is $160 and the examination fee is $185. This is not refundable. The only time the examination fee will be refunded if the examinee is ineligible to take the exam because the application is denied. You can pay using your credit card.