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Various Drugs or Medications and Their Uses A non-profit organization or NPO is also known as a non-business entity, that is because this certain kind of organization’s main purpose and missions in life is something other than making a profit or income for themselves and instead they are more inclined in helping out other people, specifically the unfortunate and indigents. PAN or prescription assistance network is one of the exampled for this certain kind of organization, and it is a non-profit agency run by the Stark County Inc., and is associated by other charity foundations in giving out request through conversation from other social services agencies, churches and clinics to help in funding their process of purchasing drug medications for the uninsured and indigent people in Stark County. The two basic missions of the PAN agency are to provide access to the people who are unfortunate and indigents to education and pharmaceuticals via the prescription assistance network or PAN charitable pharmacy, and lastly, is to collaborate with other organization and health care providers in maximizing their resources in order for them to provide efficient and effective services to the needy. Their general agreement with the other innovative agencies in establishing such organization includes maximizing their resources, coordinating prescription assistance, to advocate for the vulnerable uninsured, to make a systemic change in addressing this important health issues and to expand the utilization of pharmaceutical companies’ prescription programs throughout the whole community. This certain non-profit agency has their very own website that can be found in the internet and is accessible to the public people, and it consists of various details and information about the company and the services that they are offering to the indigents and uninsured clients, and that includes sections for annual fund raiser which consists of pictures and their events, donate tabs for people who plans to donate in the organization, volunteer tab for people who wants to work and be part of the agency, and the resource section which includes web link. There are a lot of drug medications that are mostly needed by the people all over the world, and as they years passed by, more and more new drug medications for specific physical diseases and disorders are being produced by the pharmaceuticals, and examples for that includes clarinex, Cialis, and Chantix. Clarinex is a type of drug that is anti-histamine which reduces the effects of the natural chemical histamine in the human body, for a reason that histamine can produce various symptoms of allergies such as watery eyes, runny nose, itching and sneezing. Cialis is another type of drug medication that is used to treat impotence of erectile dysfunction and symptoms of benign prostatic hypertrophy or the enlargement of the prostate of the male species, and upon intake its effect on the human body includes relaxation of the muscles that are found in the walls of blood vessels, and lastly is the increasing of the blood flow to the various areas of the body. The drug medication for smoking cessation is the Chantix, and it should basically be done together with behavior modification and counselling support, in order for the patient to achieve his or her goals of quitting tobacco and cigarette smoking, however, there are some occurrences wherein the patient happens to experience changes in their thoughts and behaviors, and upon experiencing such changes, the patients are advised to stop taking the medication and seek the help of a doctor.

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