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All That a Staff Nurse Is Required to Do

The first level of profession in a hospital set is known as a staff nurse. There is no way in a hospital set that a staff nurse can be said not to be a professional. Patients can be served with them in the best way only because they have the necessary skills. They are so important and the best way that you can prove this is when they serve you. Staff nurses are important to patients today in so many ways. The roles of staff nurses are classified in four different groups. The part of the hospital that a patient is in will form the basis of the above point. The ranking just below the sister is what other people define with a staff nurse.

Below find the different functions of a staff nurse based in relation to the following departments of a hospital set. Take the first department to be the patient care unit. She will always get confirmation from the sister on how best to serve the patients. Adding this information to the needs of the patients a staff nurse will come up with the best care plan for the patients. She is allowed to give direct care to patients. Therefore they can do touchy activities like feeding, washing and massaging the patient. All the patients basic needs are attended to by a staff nurse. When she comes from her off she is supposed to go through all the past days of a patients so that she understands how best to handle them.

In the critical care unit there are a number of duties that a staff nurse is expected to do too. Critical units can best be explained by ICU and burn unit. A number of functions are lined up for her in these units. The skills she will need in this case will be more technical. A lot of protocols are needed in these departments. Take for example the hand washing and the dress protocol which needs to be followed. It will be her duty to ensure that all these protocols are maintained as prescribed. The act of disinfection as much as linen, instruments and equipment are in question are all her responsibilities. Her duty includes the maintenance of things such as the machinery. All the records that need to be filled will be up to her.

Other than that, she will also have a number of duties in the ward administration. Maintaining the cleanliness of the ward is the first thing. She is supposed to maintain the inventory and keep all the articles. Another very important function of a staff nurse in the ward is to orient all the new patients. They are also supposed to keep safe the patient’s belongings.

Teaching is the next department that dictate the functions of a staff nurse. Student nurses will get patients that they can be working on from the staff nurse. She will also be the supervisor to the student nurses.

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