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Things to Consider Before Buying A Home Uric Acid Test Kit The bodily substance, uric acid, is produced as body cells process or break down some kinds of food through the process called digestion. This substance is normally filtered by healthy kidneys and excreted through urine. The body should not have very high uric acid levels. If the kidneys are not able to filter this chemical substance, the body will continue to have too much uric acid. As a result, certain medical conditions occur. People who are high risk of this condition need to have a home uric acid test kit. This device allows an individual to measure anytime, anywhere levels of uric acid present in the body. A person who has high amounts of uric acid in his body may suffer from a medical condition known as gout. Gout is a type of arthritis. Gout will not cause death but the pain can be unbearable. Attack can happen anytime, when the body has high uric acid levels, and it can take days for the pain to subside. People with gout experience episodes of pain in the smaller bones of his feet. Luckily, with a home uric acid test kit, a person can now check if he is having a gout attack or if he is about to have one. Typically, levels of uric acid should be somewhere between 0.40 mmol/L or 6.8 mg/dL. In other words, anything beyond the normal levels is detrimental to the body. For those with gout, the safe levels are between within 0.35 mmol/L or 6 mg/dL.
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In these cases, it is advisable to keep handy a home uric acid test kit. There are some things to remember before you start using this kit.
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Firstly, patients should not treat these kits as a substitute for a diagnosis coming from a certified doctor. This means, a person still needs to visit a doctor to confirm the possibility of a gout or a gout attack. In addition, only the doctor can advise on how frequent he or she should use the kit. Secondly, one should know how to read the meter on these kits, more so use it. The doctor is the right person who can assist our with that. For example one needs to be instructed on how much sample will be require for accurate results. Another reminder is that this home test kit is not a toy so it should be kept away from children’s reach. Last but definitely never the least, while choosing a home uric acid test kit go for the brand that offers extra boxes or a box of extra sheets free. This is a good way to save money on a starter kit and it is very helpful to those who are required check their uric acid levels regularly. Click here to learn more.