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Top 5 Procedures Performed In Cosmetic Dentistry

There’s enormous success that cosmetic dentistry achieved for the past several years. This field of oral care is focused primarily on rectifying and concealing flaws not like traditional dental procedures. Because of the complexity for these procedures, it is best to have any of the treatments done by a licensed and accredited dentist.

Number 1. Teeth whitening – smoking cigarettes and drinking soda, coffee and several other sugary drinks are known to be the common causes of teeth discoloration. With the continuous advancements in the world of technology, it has introduced two techniques for teeth whitening. First approach is tailored in an effort to remove shallow set stains. This involves even application of professional grade, light activated bleaching gel and the results can be seen only after one session.

The second technique is more complicated because this is tailored in removing deep set stains. To be able to achieve the results you desire, you might need to have 2 sessions or even more.

Number 2. Porcelain veneers – veneers are known to work effectively in correcting permanent stains, misalignments, spacing issues, misshapen teeth and chips. They can last for around 20 years if this is installed by a professional and licensed cosmetic dentist and maintained well.

Number 3. Clear aligner trays – for sure, one’s self-esteem and confidence can be affected with crooked teeth. Great news is that, through cosmetic dentistry, it is possible to align teeth correctly. The use of clear acrylic aligners have the capability of shifting the teeth towards the alignment desired in 18 months or maybe less.

These clear aligner trays require little maintenance and inconspicuous in comparison to metal braces that are hard to maintain. Apart from that, they can be removed easily at any given time and comfortable to the mouth.

Number 4. Dental implants – losing one tooth could lead in jawbone deterioration and shifting occlusion. It’s possible however to fill the open spaces by using a partial, bridge or dental prosthetic. All these dental implant solutions resemble to natural teeth so it is almost impossible for someone to notice them unless you say so.

Number 5. Tooth colored crowns and fillings – by using porcelain crowns and composite resin dental filling material, these cosmetic dentistry procedures is used to replace lost enamel. Much like dental implants, they also resemble natural tooth enamel and perfectly blend with the rest of teeth.

If you would like to get the best result possible on any of the cosmetic dental procedures mentioned, it will be smart to do research to have a better understanding of what things to expect.

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